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"South Florida Luxury Real Estate Sales Results
Measured By The Knowledge And Experience Of The Realtor,
Not By The Size Of The Real Estate Brokerage"

"South Florida Luxury Real
Estate Sales Results Measured
By The Knowledge And Experience
Of The Realtor, Not By The Size Of
The Real Estate Brokerage"

Welcome to Luxury Resort Portfolio

Luxury Resort Portfolio - The Definitive Source For Luxury Real Estate in South Florida is a Delray Beach based boutique luxury real estate marketing firm Co-Founded by high net worth South Florida luxury real estate sales agents Philip Lyle Smith and Broker | Owner Carla Ferreira-Smith. Palm Beach County realtors, The Smiths, have assembled a first class team that specialize in the sale, acquisition and determination of value of the finest properties of distinction found along the Gold Coast of South Florida from Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Gulf Stream and Manalapan to Wellington, the Palm Beaches and up through Jupiter Island.

Participating in more than $500 Million in recently closed buyer or seller represented South Florida luxury real estate sales transactions, Luxury Resort Portfolio recognizes that extraordinary results are garnered through dedication, a hard work ethic and firsthand in-depth market knowledge. At Luxury Resort Portfolio, we offer our clients the highest level of customized service, matched and exceeded only by the highest level of performance, a sincere commitment to confidentiality and an unrivaled expertise in the effective negotiation of South Florida luxury homes for sale. With over thirty-two years of collaborative experience in representing only high net worth buyers and sellers, Luxury Resort Portfolio are the top South Florida luxury real estate sales agents. Our Palm Beach County real estate brokerage firm is enthusiastic and profoundly knowledgeable of the exclusive South Florida communities we serve, trusted for the advice and guidance we offer and respected for our exceptional ability to maximize the profit potential of properties we represent, providing you with a true bespoke South Florida luxury real estate sales experience.

If you are interested in previewing any of the prominent South Florida luxury estates comprising our unprecedented Luxury Resort Portfolio, receive additional information for any listed property in South Florida or gain maximum Global Marketing Exposure for your residence, culminating in the sale of your home, Luxury Resort Portfolio would welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.

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St. Andrews Country Club
The Most Luxurious Golf Course
Community In Boca Raton

Established in 1982, the exclusive St. Andrews Country Club located on "Millionaires Mile" in Boca Raton, Florida is a 1st class, South Florida gated community with luxury amenities including two 18 hole championship signature golf courses created by Arnold Palmer and Tom Fazio. St. Andrews Country Club is ranked as one of the top 100 country clubs by the Platinum Clubs of America and is acknowledged for its magnificent golf course estate residences spanning over 718 acres of exceptionally groomed fairways and 70 acres of sparkling lakes with verdant vistas. St. Andrews Country Club is the gold standard for Boca Raton luxury real estate and recognized as one of the most luxurious country club communities in South Florida. St. Andrews Country Club real estate in Boca Raton is priced from just under $1 Million Dollars and exceeds $10 Million Dollars, has more than 700 beautiful custom estates designed to celebrate the individuality of each privileged high net worth resident and has home styles that vary in architecture from Old World Mediterranean and Traditional to newly custom commissioned Contemporary and Modern.

For more information or to schedule a personal tour of this magnificent Palm Beach County country club, contact the Boca Raton luxury real estate specialists of Luxury Resort Portfolio

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